Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Safe Superfood for Diabetes II patients.

Alpiste is a known superfood because one cup of birdseed enzymatic milk two times a day has the power to regenerate pancreatic cells to improve patients with diabetes II also regenerates liver cells which helps in cirrhosis. Alpiste is highly beneficial as a food and as a medicine and all you need to do is to drink a cup of the enzymatic milk made from alpiste Alpiste Milk is helping many type 2 diabetics to lower their glucose levels in blood. Diabetics have very extract diets and are always looking for the foods that are okay to eat, but alpiste is not only “ok” to eat for this patients but also helps them improve their health in general, to feel stronger and with more control over their daily glucose levels. The alpiste diet is amazing for its levels of fiber, protein, and iron, but Silica fibers in bird food quality Canary seed are linked to cancer: Many people ask what silica fibers are and if they are linked to cancer. They are microscopic needle-like ‘hairs’ on the outside of traditional bird food quality canaryseed. These fibers have a shape and size similar to asbestos fibers and have been directly linked to esophageal cancer in various studies. For your safety stay away from bird food quality and "Leche de Alpiste" that is not made with "Silica Fiber Free" alpiste!

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