Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chia Seed and Herb = Superfood BenVia Gold seed.

Chia Seed and Herb is the same than Super food BenVia Gold seed. Original Chia Seed -16oz. Buy Online

I have been trying to find more information about an article I have read from William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.
Editor, The Douglass Report http://tinyurl.com/2espxwf
article about Superfood Benvia Gold - Benvia Gold Seeds "Bird seed" Bird food for you that is right, a new article by The Douglas Report points to BenVia Gold or Benvia Gold Seeds which means Chia Seed as one superfood with more nutrients you can ever imagine in one tiny seed. Is easy to find and is not as expensive as you may think, is also known as Spanish Salvia, is Chia Seed or Chia Plant. The article claims that Chia Seed (BenVia Gold) or the BenVia gold seeds contain more fiber than flax seed, more protein than soy and all the vitamins and minerals your body needs.
Chia is a perfect superfood because the whole plant is nutritious and seed contain proteins and a huge list of beneficial substances.
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I just found this website and I cannot wait to get it, and start feeding my family this amazing super food!
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Chia seed is black aprox 1mm in diameter, this seed contains an essential fatty acid that burns body fat. It cannot be synthesized by your body so you must ingest foods with it, if you want it in your system.
Chia seed is a food that ancient Aztecs included in their common diets.
My Mom used to add the chia seed to lemonade, limeade or any other fruit water. You can also mix it in bread, muffins, and any foods.
Chia Seed helps your body to feel satisfied after eating because the fibers of chia absorbs extra liquid in your body and grows in a way that tells your body, that you are full.
Chia seed contains Linoleic Acid that helps burn fats because when we ingest in good quantities there is a substance called peroxidase that is like a burning fat machine in your body. It burns the fat inside the fat cells.
The more Linoleic acid you consume the more peroxidase is in the cells to burn the fat.
How to prepare it:
One table spoon of Chia for every 200ml of water, and drink one glass 30 min before every meal.
In a week you can start to see results in your weight.
Linoleic Acid


Michael Brown said...

A great source for chia seeds is FitFlax. It's a delicious blend of golden roasted flax seed and chia seeds. A super healthy breakfast is greek yogurt with berries and FitFlax. For flax seed weight loss and chia seeds weight loss check out FitFlax.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I just got his newsletter, too. What sux is that nowhere in the article, not unless you check the ingredient sheet, are teh words "chia seeds" mentioned - EVERYONE knows about chia seeds already; he didn't want you to know that's what it was, most likey you can get it cheaper elsewhere. I didn't realize it was chia until I googled benviagold versus chia seeds, only to be directed to this site and discover they're the same thing. I think i pay $5-$6 lb at the health food store; Douglas is charging $2995 for what looks to be a 1 lb. container...no wonder he doesn't want you to know it's just chia seeds...

Shine said...

You are so right, they invented a name so people doesn't know what they are buying and believe this producer is the only one that offers benvia gold, there is so many examples of this practice in the markets, like NOPALEA, that they are actually good, but you can find them for much much cheaper price :)
I am glad you find a place to buy it at a reasonable price.
I am actually not making any comision on amazon (because I live in Illinois) but I keept the links because they are selling chia at a good price, so people can find it.
Have a great day!

Shine said...

I found a good company that sells Gluten Free Chia seed Flour did you know that two-tablespoon serving of Chia Seed Flour has 530 milligrams (0.53 grams) of omega-3, a full 30% of the recommended daily intake for men and 50% for women. This is a super food like Alpiste.
Soon I will be able to share with your this great product!

Shine said...

Chia seed contains the fatty acid Omega 3, omega 3 can burn fat and the number 1 vegetable source of Omega 3 is Chia seed.

Anonymous said...

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