Monday, February 28, 2011

Best advise to get rid of long lasting cough after having Flu.

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Seems like waiting is the answer, for what this intresting article says the best you can do is to wait and drink lots of fluids.
Make sure your home has a humidifier because our body needs that moisture in the air to help clean and clear the germs out of our respiratory tract. Zinc and equinaccea are great strengthen the immune system. Because the tissue in the lungs and bronchia are inflamed I drink chamomile tea and arnica tea (but arnica should not be given to children as tea but on drops 3 drops in children that are 3 years or older)
Also eat some carrots, and take vitamin A that is good for the regenerating the tht upper respiratory tract membrane. Rinse your nostrils with saline solution you can buy it at the pharmacy or make your own, by boiling 8 ounces of water and adding 1/4 tea spoon of non iodine salt. Because Arnica is one of the sacred plants should be taken with precautions its benefits are big and great but you should read to use this sacred plant in the way that is safe for you.


Shine said...

Zicam is a great homeopatic medicine to shorten your colds and flu sympthoms, tila tea is also good to help you clean your lungs and gordolobo tea to clean your lungs, lots of liquids and warm herbal teas.

Shine said...

Prevent getting sick by adding lots of citrus with vitamin C in your diet, vitamin c supplements and ecquinaccea purpurea.

Fiona said...

Olive Leaf Extract is exceptional for bronchial health. Good for lots of other things too. My sister used to have terrible bronchitis every year. I got her on OL and she hasn't had a bout since.