Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Senna (Cassia Angustifolia) & Nopalina.

I have been fighting constipation with a several supplements and treatments the best that I could find for a fast relief was the famous Indian Senna, Tinneyelly Senna, Hoja de sen (Sennae folium ), Cassia senna, Cassia angustifolia this are all the names for Senna, the leaves of Senna produce peristalsis in our intestines in order to get ride of constipation, anyway the senna should not be taken with our caution and follow instruction on supplement box or tea leaves dose not exceeding the dose of 55 mg of sennosides, also is not a tea to drink for ever in a daily basis, but once in a while or for ten days as max.
The leaves and pods are used medicinally as a strong laxative.

Usually 30 mg of sennosides per day is the recommended dosis, for no longer than ten days.
You need to make sure you are taking a lot of fluids, and electrolites, gatorade, pedialite, or just lots of water and eating right with a balanced diet. I usually drink just a cup of tea at night after dinner, and that helps me with the constipation by the next morning.
So don't forget to keep drinking lots of fluids, diharrea can cause levels of potassium and sodium go low and that produces an unbalance in your body, if drinking one cup of tea was to much you can try drink even less.
People with Chrohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, appendicitis, intestinal obstruction and abdominal pain should not drink senna tea or supplements containing Cassia senna or Cassia Angustifolia. There is an awesome product in the market called NOPALINA, which contains senna but also other natural fibers, I love it and drink it almost every day before bedtime or in the morning, is a natural laxative and nutritious too.


Supplements said...

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Shine said...

I started to take one to two glases of water in the morning before have any breakfast, this has been the best laxative ever, without a pain and with out having to run to the restroom.
I would recommend you to do this and also drink at least 7 glas. of water during the day before every meal at least one, this is the best solvent ever to flush EVERY TOXIN OUT OF YOUR BODY. so you body can start loosing other un wanted things like fats.
Start eating lots of raw veggies too!