Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sciatica remedies that work for me

For two days, two times a day I try chamomille tea, vitamin B complex once a day, tila tea at night, arnica oinment apply all over the sciatica pain was right before going to bed, and very important too sleep a lot and try to have a better posture when you are sitting, walking or doing excersice, and while you sleep too, doing and excercising with yoga can help improve your posture and strength your muscles and is also a relaxing practice that I highly recommend. :)
Magnets Therapy and Auriculotherapy also, Sciatica problems can be fixed but you must do all of this, at least in my case, all of this helped me and is gone now!


Matiz (Amethyst BIomat) said...

natural healing really works. I am used to it. I use Biomat
regularly. I just have a 20 minutes nap on it daily which helps me in relieving pain and stress. I feel very much relaxed after the nap. My body feels light...

Shine said...

Thank you SO much for sharing with us about the Amethyst Biomat, I'd never hear about it before I love to learn more and the basis as it is the infrared light and quartz I know them for therapies that really work used already in acupuncture, refexology and biomagnetism, Thank you God bless and I cannot wait to try to sleep in one of those!!!