Friday, October 17, 2008

Sciatic Nerve Problems

I have been so busy with my kids and cleaning the house every day, so I got a sciatic nerve infflammation, a lower back pain that goes to the hip trough my leg and even my foot, the pain goes to the hip then the leg, knee and the foot, it is not good because I still need to do so much stuff around so I know Vitamin B complex is good for nerves but sciatic nerve problems are not easy to get ride off, I did found some really good information in this website
Drink two cups of willow tea, willow has a sustance alike aspirine to relax and ease the pain.
If the sciatic affection is related with rehumatologic problems specially if the pain incresses with the lower temperatures, or humidity in the air, for this kind, use diuretics as cranberry juice, cherries, asparragus, onions.
Arnica tea or cream, rub in back buttocks and legs trought the night, drink chamomille tea and tila mullion bark tea mix.


My sciatica pain was solved and I want to share my personal experience on what did it.
-Pray God for healing.
-Magnetic lower back brace; I used every night sometimes during the day around the home.
-Complex B Vitamins (intramuscular).
-Anti-inflammatory teas like chamomile, pau du arc, arnica in drops or extract. Also teas that help relax your nervous system like tila, valerian, Mellissa, mint.
-Stop for a little while lifting heavy things, and did little bit of Yoga and learn about good sitting positions.
-Auriculotherapy, ear acupuncture with mustard seeds. (diy)

All of this TOGETHER did it!
Well it was not easy and it did not work right away but I am here telling you what really works.
My other option with my physician at that time, was surgery (with the potential of losing the ability to walk) No Thank you!!!

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