Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Considerations of Natural Healing

Natural Medicine is a marvelous way of healing, but we cannot forget that every plant contains substances as strong as the most powerful medicine, like the one called Vicodin for example vicodin OPIUM is morphine extracted from the Belladona plant, wich can cause addiction and even death, but wisely use of this plant has bring tons of benefits.

So every time that you are going to use any plant, medicine, always resarch in the internet or get the info from your pharmacist to make sure you know what are you getting into your body.

By learning and reading and beeing more in close contact with the way this plant or medicine or diet is going to heal you, it is very important, the more you get involved the faster your healing will be, because you are taking care of yourself and not just taking a pill and waiting for a miracle, we are the ones that could help that miracle happend if we just love ourselves and show it to ourselves and act as we mean it.
Thank you to everyone who comments because the constructive critic makes us grow :)
Have a wonderfull day everyone!

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