Monday, January 26, 2015

Prevent Cancer and Arthritis with Team Turmeric, Ginger and pepper.

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Have you heard about the Tai tea is all over the stores and coffee shops, at first I wasn't sure about it, then I learn from my Mom that the awesomeness of the Tai tea, is that contain Ginger, Turmeric and pepper, It may have other ingredients in the different variations, but mostly is Ginger, Turmeric and pepper, the pepper works as a maximizer of the effects of the turmeric. To understand the benefits of this we have to learn more about the ingredients, we can start with Ginger, Ginger is an amazing anti-inflammatory and a natural phyto estrogen, when you hear anti-inflammatory be sure that it will help against tumor formation or cancer. Then we have Turmeric, turmeric (curcumin) is the root of the awesome Saffron, Saffron is good but the root of Saffron, the amazing Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, cancer preventing,digestive aid, lowers sugar blood levels, prevents tumor cell growth, is loaded with anti oxidants and is great against arthritis. Turmeric (Curcumin) is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, stomach-soothing, protects your liver, prostate, skin, heart. There are some contra indications, in the case of patients with gall bladder stones see the link for more info. Turmeric Info Link. Ginger Info Link. So how can you add this amazing food supplements to your diet. Tea of ginger and turmeric powder is easy to make. But if you want it more effective, buy fresh ginger and turmeric at you local grocery store, cut a piece of each and boil it to make your tea, add a tiny bit of pepper to maximize the effects. Another way is to make the Turmeric Milk which involves blending and mixing turmeric root.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pureza Pure Silica Fiber Free Alpiste Lowers Sugar Levels in Blood.

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Alpiste or also known as canary grass is an amazing aid when treating diabetes because is been discovered that alpiste milk enzymes will help lower the sugar blood levels in patients with Diabetes type II. Also helps your liver and pancreatic cells regenerate and be healthy. I always recommend to use Pureza Alpiste because is the only one safe for human consumption, the others must be totally strained and filter after mixed or blended and soak for two days before even blended. The seed has a shell with asbestos like fibers that should never be consumed by humans not even birds eat this shell, they crack it open and eat only the inside seed. To be safe use only Pureza Alpiste Pure and safe because is Silica Fiber Free. You still need to soak and blend and I like to use a strainer but the time of preparation shortens immensely. Many people drinks this enzymatic milk to loose weight because is nutritious and makes your body feel satisfy and free of cravings. Here is a video of how some people do this but again this time can be shortened and also be safer for you if you use the only alpiste for human consumption and Silica Fiber Free Alpiste Pureza Alpiste. There is a link to Pureza Alpiste at the top right corner of this blog so you can start enjoying the benefits of this amazing super food. Alpiste Milk preparation example video from the web.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cellular Immunity Boost with Echinacea.

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Echinacea's health benefits are amazing and here is a small summary of what this marvelous herb can do for your immune system: Immune stimulant: Increase antibody production, resistance of infections, enhance antibodies as Natural Killer Cells that are in charge of killing any germs, increases the efficiency of macrophages to kill and destroy pathogens that enter our body. Anti-inflammatory properties, antibacterial, antiviral. Eclectic doctors used this herb, half a century ago with great results to treat chronic catarrhal congestion. If we don't learn from our past we will keep making mistakes, modern health science is great but; why should we leave out such amazing help to strengthen our immune system. Add Zinc to your daily diet, cucumbers have a high amount of zinc in natural way. Echinacea combined with zinc vitamins and supplements are really good to prevent and shorten colds and flu.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Colloidal Silver and the Ebola Virus.

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Colloidal Silver and the Ebola Hysteria

Please read all the article and at the end it will tell you how you can make your own colloidal silver.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Just a thought.

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Take nothing for granted, value every day with your loved ones, live everyday as if it was the last one, say and do the things you have always wanted to say and do. Say I love you and show love to everyone you love. We are visiting and our time on Earth is short, when you are young it feels like an eternity but as you grow up you understand that time goes by fast. So today and every day be happy with what you have because you have life and if you have life is because there is for you a mission to complete, learning to be happy is one of them, the rest is what makes of this life an exciting adventure. We are not alone even when it feels that way. So never take for granted your loved ones or anything in life and value every second, do the best of it. Love and be loved.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Do you suffer from Osteoporosis? Lack of sunlight may be the cause.

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Do you suffer from Osteoporosis? Did you know that it can be related to lack of exposure to sunlight and low vitamin D levels? Our body needs the right ingredients to keep homeostasis in our body, means the balance to maintain life working properly. Lacking of the proper form of vitamin D affects the amount of calcium in our blood, muscles and bones. You may ingest calcium and vitamin D, but there is a process inside of body that needs to take place for this vitamin D to go into our blood stream and take calcium into the bones and muscles. When you don’t have enough calcium in bones or muscles, these weaken experiencing fractures and also muscle pain. We need to understand the physiology of vitamin D so we can learn how important it is the exposure to sunlight. To make it simple, when we eat our foods that contain Vitamin D we are taking Ergocalciferol Vitamin D2, for this Vitamin to be useful for your body, the Vitamin D goes into the skin (vitamin Choloecalciferol D3 provitamin). Then, if you expose your skin to Ultraviolet Light from the sun, this one turns into Pre vitamin D3, which turns (isomerizes) into Vitamin D3 and enters (translocates) to the blood stream or circulation. Then our liver converts this vitamins D2 and D3 into a different form of Vitamin D in a storage form, to be used as needed. There is much more to this physiological process and you can find more info but I found here a link to a nice drawing and labels that may help you to understand. Click here to see a figure of this physiological process. As you can see there are many things that our body does by itself better known as the Autonomous System but diet and solar exposure are needed to maintain healthy bones. Our organs and glands will work according to what they sense in our body, if we are not giving our bodies the right nutrients and environment, then our body will start hurting in many ways. So get some sun and eat healthy, prevention is important to have a health in the years to come!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Magic Tree "The Cure to all Illness".

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Azadirachta indica is the scientific name of the health superstar Neem Tree. I was amazed to learn that the word Neem in Sanskrit means; Perfect, complete and imperishable. One thing I love about natural medicine is that you learn amazing remedies and cures from other cultures which can be very helpful in our modern world. Indian ancestors have been utilizing this tree in many ways, it grows in the tropical areas of India and the people call it The Village Drugstore! You can imagine the amazing miracles that this tree has done for the people that have been using it, from generation to generation. Medicinal Properties: Antiviral, antiseptic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-acid and antifungal. Strengthen the immune system. In other words the properties of the leaves, bark and seeds of this tree are countless, natural antibiotic, antiviral, fever reducer, inflammation reducer, etc… everything you need in one. No wonder why in the Indian natural medicine literature is also known as, sarvaroga nivarini which means the cure of all illness. Neem extract is even used as a natural non toxic insecticide and insect repellent. Also Neem oil is used in bath soap, shampoo and lotion because of its skin detoxifying properties. Nature is amazing and everything in it. .Ayurvedic medicine has used the extracts and products of this tree long time ago. You can learn more about it in the ancient Indian books of Natural Medicine Carak Samhita and Susruta Samhita Books.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Names of Our Beloved Heavenly Father...YAHWEH

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Sun's Magnetic Field Will Soon Flip - Stormy Space Weather Ahead? | Video

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and this explains the extreme weather, Obama may say that is because he needs to spend more money against global warming, oh wait now is global climate change... because now we are freezing...

We are nothing but ants comparing to the space sorrunding us. It may be that for a couple more years we have more severe cold or severe storms of all kinds in some places, we can not for sure know how will affect, but it will.

Nothing that the planet haven't experienced before and probably since man existed on the planet.

Have faith in God, we need Him, He will deliver us.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tired of the Snow? Mexican Beach All Inclusive Luxury Vacation.

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I know what it feels being trapped in your home during the winter months especially where it snows, it is nice around Christmas time and then, we are done! We love planning our Mexico beach vacation; the weather in Mexico beaches is nice and hot. Knowing where you are going is important, I grew up in Mexico and know what I am talking about, there is an amazing paradise waiting to be discover by you! Renting a Luxury Villa with all included is the way to go! There are 7 breathtaking villas in a gated community in the beach of Platanitos, Nayarit, only a couple minutes from Puerto Vallarta Airport and you can even get transportation from airport to the villas! Staying at a villa with all these amenities will make your stay, complete with much more privacy, private pool, Jacuzzi or even beach in front for your vacation rental in Puerto Vallarta. Some villas for rent in Puerto Vallarta come with their own full-equiped staff so you will have no worries but to enjoy your stay! All 7 Mexico beach vacation rentals at Punta el Custodio come with their own maid/cook standard. You don’t need to get out buying groceries to have a homemade, tropical and fresh gourmet meal cooked just for you. Travelers from all over the world enjoy the perfect Mexican weather, ocean blue seas, swimming, diving, and fishing. Amazingly fresh sea food, cooked in your kitchen for your taste. You have the luxury and service of a 5-star hotel with the privacy of your home. These private Mexico beach vacation rentals will offer you all the comforts of home, while away from home. I highly and sincerely recommend these Villas; we had the time of our lives. Mexican Beach All Inclusive Luxury Vacation.