Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Auricular therapy

Auriculotherapy *auricular therapy *ear acupunture

Alternative medicine based on that the ears microsystem, the entire body is represented on the auricula or pinna - the outer portion of the ear. Similar to other alternative medicine as Reflexology (hands, foot, body) and iridiology and that the entire body can be treated by stimulation with diferent tecniques as massage, magnets, pressure, seeds, needles... on the surface of the ear exclusively.

This can sound pretty weird method for someone, but this really is a very practical tecnique that you at home can start practicing with some information and training. You can be your own doctor at home this may not cure 100% but 100% will help and alive some of the simptoms and improve dramatically.

To find the points that are affected in each case, you will have to ask somebody to look at your auricula and search for dots, spots of skin in the ear that have change color, red, yellow, white, changes in the texture of the ear skin, points more painfull than others, usually you can use the point of a pen to search for this points in the ear, when a point is more painfull means that the organ that belongs to the point it is affected, several organs may be affected so you can find up to 8 and treat 8 at the time. Always apply one in the shen men point, wich will help in general.

Once you have find this points and also using the ear chart with the points,

Use mustard seeds and cut some micropore tape (little cuts), to keep the seed in the specific point founded, leave it for at least 3 days, and then change the point to the other ear for another 3 days.

This is very practical acupunture that can help you with several conditions.

Never do ear acupunture after massage.

It doesn't work for pregnant woman.

It doesn't work for kids under 7 years old.

Auriculotherapy info

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Shine said...

I want to mention that auriculotherapy was key in the treatment of my bulging disk and sciatica problems. (+magnet therapy, vitamin B, herbs as chamomile and tila)