Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bionicos Recipe

I want to share with you this yummy for your tummy breakfast, lunch or dessert. Is simple, tasty and healthy.

Cut fruit in little pieces :

All of them! or what you have at home.
for every cup of fruit

*half cup or more of yougurt (natural, strawberry or vanilla)
or lechera (sweet condensed milk)
or sour cream with sugar.

3 spoons of granola (or as desired)

2 spoons of rasins

other options:
sreded dried coconut
dried fruit little pieces
choped nuts
sunflower seed
Chia Seeds to make it a SUPER BIONIC FOOD! Mix all in individual bowls and enjoy,
I guarantee you will love it. You can add Enzymatic Milk of Alpiste also to make it a Super Bionic Food. You can add little bit of Ginger powder and Turmeric to make it healing and anti-inflammatory. Also Ginger is a natural phyto estrogen.


Love & Money said...

This is great information Shine.Please keep it up for sharing

Shine said...

thanks for your comment! I hope you enjoy this recipe!