Monday, April 14, 2008

Where is Spring?

Is April and still cold over here, I am not used to this cold weather, I am in desperate need of some sunshine, some warm air, some tan in my skin, and just going out to do something outdoors. It Seems like today we will hit the 50's at least, and tomorrow 60's. I cannot wait for a nice and warm spring, I love the rain and t storms but give me some sunshine too! I love the rainbows after the storms, when the sun is so bright and shiny almost white and you can see the rays coming from it and trought the clouds, it is amazing and beautifull. Those beautifull pictures in the sky that remaind and prube the existence of God. I love the sun, our ancient culture aztecs where a solar culture everything had to to with the sun in their lifes, religion, astronomy, calendars, and all their sciences where related to the Sun, just like in Egipt they had Ra (the sun), and so many cultures ancient ones had the Sun as the representation of God and giver of life, and in did it is, what other thing in the whole universe closest to us, show us the omnipresence of God around us, and also inside of us because we know that light and that energy goes trought our bodies, plants, animals, water, dirt and is just that escence that gives us the fuel to survive, to live, to shine :)



Great post! I agree with you and am ready for some sunshine. I really am enjoying your blog and will be back for more!

Nyte said...

im ready for spring to we just got snow a few days ago it seems everytime we get a few warm days it turns back to freezing weather