Sunday, April 20, 2008

Genius Movie Expelled

Ben Stein is EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed

Yesterday my husband and I went to watch a wonderful movie calledExpelled, No Intelligence AllowedIt sounds like is something that shouldn't be happening in this century, I have always being against everything that blocks our Intelligence, Energy, Chakras, Spiritual Progress, if you look closer and analyze so many things in life that we do believe they are truth just because somebody told us that was the case since you are born, (paradigm) and everybody around you think the same way, then is right?, then is true?, we came here to seek the truth, that is why we are on earth and alive,our own true, the one that we discover in the world trough understanding, getting general culture, reading and taking little by little all those things we think for our own experience that are wonderful and truth in our lives for our spiritual life in this world.This movie shows clearly how some powerful portion of the world think is best to keep the other rest of the world believing on an UNPROVEN IDEA, about evolution as Darwin theory is, a lot of scientist even the ones that believe in this theory skip the part when from an inorganic form became an organic form, Where did the Life come from?, they talk about the almost infinite possibilities and protein needed to form life and even then it just sounds unbelievable, scientist in the past try to prove and create the conditions suppose necessary to create life in a lab, they have never found the answer... I do believe in evolution as changes and adaptation that kind of evolution, a spiritual evolution, the evolution of thinking and history...then why? They won't let the people believe that there was Our Father God His own celestial being, giving us life, creating us,This movie shows how several scientist that dare to talk about Intelligent Design (which will be a superior intelligence creating life and things as we know them, God), they have been persecute and fired from their jobs, and banned from the scientist communities, and also other scientist have told that even when they think this is possible they still remain in silence because they don't want to get in trouble, because the scientific elite do not allow THINKING, BELIVING IN GOD, KNOWING THE TRUE THAT THEY CANNOT PROVE, BUT THEY CANNOT PROVE REAL DARWIN EITHER, THEN, you have to find your own conclusion and also find the true in your heart, and really I highly recommend everybody that want to support a positive act of trying to illuminate our people and share some light with us, please go watch this movie, and hopeful this kind and smart man who use of his own money to make this movie will go ahead and make another movie like this, A Smart One, with a positive message, with the intention of benefit and enrich your living specially your spiritual living.This will open your eyes on so many aspects, I just love that movie.Thank you Ben Stain for this wonderful movie, we need more movies like that, not the other 70 percent of more of garbage that Hollywood releases.We are in the age of change, we need the truth we need to progress, we need a better world for our children, show them positive things.Stop showing the use of drugs in every movie, stop making negative movies, the question is simple, we want to go forward or backwards?Is clear that, there is some one in the power that clearly want us backwards, retro, that is against the humanity to progress, well guess what we are a lot of people that are awaken and is not going to be easy anymore for you to keep doing it, you will not be victorious anymore,we are waking up, and now we can see and hearand what we hear and see that what you show is not the truthto be free we need the truthand we need to find it is not what you tell us it is,Is like if the media and the ones with the power of manipulate the world want to keep us in a Matrix, and we are to awake now, for this to keep happeningso lets get to work, and lets all do our little thing here and there, and most of all, follow your believes, and do not let anyone to tell you what is your truth.God Bless us all. Our Father Jesus was persecute for his belief because He is the truth and He was the truth alive in body, we may be hated and persecute too, but if we don't live in accordance to our truth and belief then what for, is this life worth? What will we take with us at the end? what will we bring to our Father's feet as a offering of love in return of all the love He has giving us...something to think about :)Have a wonderful Week!

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