Tuesday, July 26, 2016

All food is good.

When we are young, some of us underestimate the importance of living a healthy life style. Believing that nothing can stop you from having fun and neglecting your health, because you will always recover and be forever young, sadly this idea can’t be further from the truth. Lack of sleep, alcohol abuse, smoke, drugs, excessive consumption of caffeinated drinks plus junk foods are the recipe of all illnesses, and don’t forget to add the inherited illnesses. It is not easy to change the course, but never too late. This is as easy as to start to eliminate from our diet, highly processed foods. The food industry wants to sell, and they want you obsessed about food, the good, the bad and the ugly. Food shows, food adds, food here, food there... When you have a social impact of that kind, the rebel nature of man starts to react, but not only react but overreact. Overreactions as an extreme diet not only for adults but for our children too, prohibition of certain foods, bulimia, anorexia, obsessions with the physical appearance. None of these paths will be conducive of good health. Lack of a good nutrition diminishes your IQ and thinking process, brain function is related to our digestion system. A healthy digestive track improves the brain function. When we have a deficient nutrition, our overall wellbeing is compromised. The solution is to make one small change at a time, every shopping trip, until you convince yourself of the benefits of eating right, balanced diet, without stressing about it, or immediate big changes. The key = Less processed foods. Make time to cook homemade meals. Portions matter. Don’t skip meals (metabolism slows down when you skip meals) Eat less carbs and more protein and vegetables. Eggs are great because they contain lots of protein, minerals and vitamins and keep you full for a long time. Because we most unlearn what adds on tv told us, what society says, we must unlearn feeling guilty or obsessed about foods & body. Food is a necessary blessing, and a pleasure that must be appreciated. I am happy to be alive, God made good foods for us to be alive and well. A man is not defiled by what enters his mouth, but by what comes out of it." Matthew 15:11 Amazon picks

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