Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Millet Superfood =Pannisetum Glaucum "Cattail Millet

Pannisetum Glaucum or common name in English is Cattail Millet, Burgundy Millet, Candle Millet, and Dark Millet. Mijo amarillo in Spanish. Some came from Africa and some from India.
Nutrimental value in 60 gr. of Pearl millet Gold seed nutrients:
Calories 212
Carbohydrates 41 g
Proteins 6 grams
Fats 2 grams
Iron 41 % of daily need
Magnesium 29 % of daily needs.
This seeds are high in Salicylic Acid, you will see improvement in the health of your skin, hair, nails and teeth.

One more reason to understand why naturopaths believe that more natural and simple foods, raw, uncooked (when vegetables, herbs and more) benefit much more than the most complex drug sell in the market or processed foods... the key to health it is to prevent illness, rather than cure.
Pennisetum, Also called of the Latin penna pluma, seta cerda, it's from the perennial herbs kind. Poaceas. Found in all the warm regions of both hemispheres.
Between the 80 species of this kind, some very tall, with different kind of leaf, there is some herbs considered as BAD herbs like the pannisetum alopecuroides or panisetum clandestine, utilized like grass. pannisetum donsonii. for gardening ornamental purposes, pannisetum purpureum.

Pannisetum Glaucum is the one used for growing and harvest grains.

Original from India, six decimeters of height, pointy leaf with flowers.
The seed of this plant is little, round, bright and of white yellowish color that has been ingredient in bread, pasta, porridge and more in other countries..

For example during XVI century, Millet was kept in storage during long periods as long as 20 years. In 1378 Venice was invaded by Geneva and people were saved thanks to this seed that they kept in storage. This day this cereal is feed to wild birds. In Italy this seed was key ingredient to Polenta or Millet flour. In the middle age when meat was forbidden, Millet seed was the substitute of meat. Consumed in Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, and Austria.
Millet came from Africa other names are Cattail Millet, Burgundy Millet, candle millet and dark millet, in Spanish Mijo coracán, Eleusine coracana, Setaria, Seta Carda, Penna pluma, mijo Amarillo.
After harvested, the skin of the seed is taken off, for human consumption. The skin has not so much nutrimental value.
Seed contains Glucids 60, 00%, Protein 11, 00%, Lipids 14, 00%.
Contains a high amount of carbohydrates, but also this seed is one of the richest because contains high amounts of mineral substances like iron, magnesium, phosphor, silice. Contains vitamins A and B, is considered have less fats than wheat and less calories than oatmeal. Of easier digestion because contains lecithin and coline. Good for pregnant woman, sedentary people or weak people, obesity.

High in lipids, you can storage this seed for 20 years intact, better to storage in flour form. Used to make bread and pasta mix of wheat flour and Millet is delicious cooked in different recipes, taste sweet and has a rich flavor you will love it. You can prepare meals and mix vegetables with it.

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