Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our HomeSchool Learning Journey.

Two years ago my husband and I decided to homeschool our children, my daughter is 9 going into 4th grade and my son is 7 going into 2nd grade. I am amazed with the amount of curriculum and resources, either Christian or not Christian curriculum there is tons out there. There is a lot of things you learn after you experience with your children and see what works best for them and for you. There are websites where you can quiz your children to see what kind of learners are they, most children have all the kinds of learning, but some kids are more visual learners than they are audio learners and those little things help when you are searching for the right curriculum. Learning Style quiz. I have used in my first year the Horizons curriculum for all subjects or what is called a complete curriculum, Horizons is made by Alpha & Omega Publications, I actually liked this curriculum a lot for my second grade child, math was a little hard just because of the amount of problems for every lesson, but I loved that the book tells you how much they need to complete in a day, that makes it so much easier on me. My child learned a lot, I loved the spelling and vocabulary and penmanship, also the phonics and spelling. When we did the kindergarden for my younger one a few years ago, the phonics and reading was a little to challenging for a kindergartener, he loved the math and did great. In the following year I wanted to give it a try to the LifePacs also from Alpha & Omega, the books a good and have tons of good info, History was great and Math was okay, there was one thing I did not like, don't have daily lesson on how much you need to complete every day. It was my bad because Lifepacs are self paced, and I am used to have more structure. I am not very good at organization so having a curriculum that tells you how much needs to be done in a day is great. So this year I am going to do a combination of curriculums, finally I feel like I have enough confidence to pick and choose, I have heard great things about Apologia for Science, and History of the World or the Mystery of History. I got my son the Horizons curriculum for 2nd grade because I did like that when my daughter was in that grade. I got my daughter Math Horizons for 4th grade I think their math program is really good because uses spiral learning and helps the kids stay on track. I got her the penmanship from horizons too. I have heard wonders of Teaching Textbooks for math and I think maybe next year we will give it a try. I am considering getting Time for Learning is an online curriculum, many moms love it, I want to give it a try, as a supplement first, and then see if that could be an option, at least for some of the subjects. Pray for Me, Wish me Luck! A new learning adventure is about to begin. If you are new to homeschooling, it is a good idea to find home school groups in your area, you need to get out and do field trips and fun stuff once in a while  I am in San Antonio, TX and there is tons of home school groups, we love the fellowship and fun activities! We even go to a Physical education class every week, classes are parent volunteer based and the kids sweat and have lots of fun.

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