Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Severe Flu or Cold Symptoms.

It has been a long time since I got a cold with severe symptoms like this time, plus having to take antibiotics because of the debilitating nature of this specific viral infection that it seem have incubated for a week and make me feel tired until it hit me hard and then got sick. There are more than 1000 different cold viruses and viruses mutate all the time, if our immune system is working properly, it should be able to heal itself after the virus have reached their life cycle, which most of the time ends in self destruction because of an over population and waste. I take Zinc and Echinacea, I try to eat balanced diet to get all the minerals and vitamins but it seems like sometimes we do need some more help, I like the multivitamins because is only one pill and make sure it contains calcium and iron, make sure you buy only trusted sources and that your vitamins don't have additives which are toxic to your body, I take it at least 3 times a week the vitamins and Omega 3 in fish oil is great too. If you ask me about the vaccines, well I don’t like to say that I recommend that you do not take it, but I don’t get it because the times I did got it, I got sick and feel miserable, and doctors and pharmaceutical companies may say otherwise but I do my research and the proof of something doesn’t change because of what someone is advertising or saying. If you are experiencing a severe cold or flu and feel you are not going to make it, please visit your doctor because in my case I got an ear infection (bacterial) as a complication of a regular cold or flu, that needed of antibiotics and then I recovered much faster, my kids recover in three days and I was so miserable for about two weeks and feeling lethargic. Thank God He provided us with an immune system to fight all kinds of virus and bacteria but getting some extra help sometimes is needed. I drink lots of liquids and juices, hot beverages like chamomile and echinacea tea with honey, also an expectorant like mullion bark if you want tea. Your doctor can prescribe some expectorant in my case two days were good enough to clear my sinuses and throat; some over the counter are good like Mucinex, always read and use properly with the recommended dose. If you have asthma make sure you have your inhaler and don’t take expectorants which may aggravate the asthma symptoms, better to pay a visit to your doctor and make sure you don’t need antibiotics. I pray that you recover soon and hang in there soon you will rise and shine again! Just like I did, thanks to God! Echinacea and Vitamin C - 492 mg - 100 Capsules (Google Affiliate Ad) Whatch this awesome video Flu Attack! How a virus invades your body! Please read the latest news in swine flu vaccine. Zinc help shorten your cold.

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I have been taking zinc + Vitamin C + Equinacea. Also chamomile tea with honey with good results.