Sunday, September 23, 2012

Scorpion Battle is won better with glue trap.

Hi there, I am still seeing scorpions around my home, because we live so close ot a natural reserve in the outside area of San Antonio, you can imagine... When we were looking at homes we came during the day, we knew there was bark scorpions in San Antonio, we just did not know how seriously dangerous the interaction can get... Anyway, I had the house and around sprayed, many times and that seems to just make them angry :P So I got some glue traps and that is working, I just realize that many were coming from the bottom of the main door, catch 4 already. I am so not putting any more sticky traps in the garage, because a lizard got caught and me and my kids were craying over the lizard that we try to free but we were not able to :( There was a big scorpion next to the little lizard so probably that was her last night alive with our without glue trap. Sorry lately I have to use this blog as my diary, due to the current events of my life in the south :) My nervs have been so affected by this scorpion craze, now that I have the glue traps I am ready to take some good teas to make me sleep like a baby!

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