Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Creepy Crawlers S.A.

Living in Texas has been a beautiful and interesting experience! I have found a beautiful place to live, a nice church to attend and lots of great people and friends, I have found a homeschoolers group that is amazing, and I like the weather much better than in Illinois. I also enjoy the signs all over the city “THINK GOD” and is cool to see how patriotic the citizens are, I Know that in every part of the country are all kinds of people, we all have special gifts.
Anyway I love the weather, and the freedom. When I was in IL for example, my affiliate account with Amazon had to be terminated because of the taxes laws in Illinois, and here in Texas that is no problem!
However, I will complain about two things; scorpions inside our house, snakes in the backyard.
I have been killing scorpions left and right, I have children at home and I know that children are more at risk if bitten by any of this venomous creepy crawlers.
Spraying the house with organic pest control does kind of help but the scorpions don’t die right away they are alive crawling in my kitchen floor and living room half dead, or playing dead.
I am about to try the cedar oil, I hope it works better.
I have respect for nature and I know about food chains, but if I find a scorpion in my kitchen… he doesn’t stand a chance!
I know with snakes is better to call the herpetological society and get someone to collect the snake, there is rattlers, and cotton mouth snakes, and another one I don’t remember now.
Now scorpions are scary and terminator like! No wonder they have survived for so long in earth, but if these and cockroaches are going to be the left alive after a nuclear bomb, shut me!
You can spray a whole can of insecticide to a scorpion and it will still run around, they play dead, they don’t drown, I got one out of the bottom of the pool last week and it looked like jelly, so I assume that it was dead! I left it in the side of the pool while I keep skimming the pool with the net, then went back to teach our morning lessons and after that, my daughter come asking me where the scorpion was..
Well, I said is dead outside the pool… then one of my biologist sisters lets me know that scorpions don’t drown, because of their exoskeleton, they save air and oxygen inside and can live in water for a long period of time. I ask my husband if he knew where it was and he said he had to step on it, because it was alive 0_0 !
Did you know that they can survive for months eating one cricket!, they put themselves in hibernation state as they please!
Amazing facts, but living among them is no fun! I had to get it out of my chest :P
If you have any advice, please let me know!
I just pray God to keep us safe 
Outside of that, we are liking Texas a lot.

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