Sunday, September 23, 2012

Coccyx Injury.

When I was 7 I got my coccyx fractured doing gymnastics, this caused pain and migraine for years until a chiropractor got me in a cast from my lower back to my chest these helped for a couple of years, but the pain kept coming back once in a while, then after I got married and had kids seems like the injure is back, when you get pregnant your spine modifies itself also sitting for long periods of time doesn't help. Tailbone trauma is an injury to the small bone at the lower part of the spine. Actual fractures of the tailbone (coccyx) are not common. Tailbone trauma usually involves bruising of the bone or pulling of the ligaments. The lower part of my spine, the tail bone area hurts when sitting, especially when getting up. the Pain is only when sitting or putting pressure on the tailbone. I have taken arnica tincture drops, chamomile tea to relieve the inflammation, and I try stand up once in a while if sitting for a long time. Arnica ointment helps but only temporally , if is broken and out of place, probably will keep hurting until is not inflamed anymore, but is hard not being able to sit down to have meals or watch TV. My doctor at the time gave me an option: surgery to remove the coccix that is been fractured... I don't like the idea, anyway here is another alternative... Here is an intresting article and website that talks how a Doctor treats this kind of injury with tape therapy Ask your doctor about a hydrocortisone injection, to reduce inflammation and relief pain. Magnetotherapy works for this also, just like with the sciatica pain, but is hard to reach that area of the body "- Take Vitamin B complex, Magnetic braces can help relief the pain or referred pain, also massage of the back is good in general to relief pain.

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