Friday, April 1, 2011

Is Anti Perspirant a cause of Cancer?

Friday, April 1, 2011Is Anti perspirant a cause of Cancer?
In the past I have mentioned that anti-perspirant can be the cause or important factor in breast cancer, when I read this, it all make sense and I want to share with you this information. Remember that you can use a tiny bit of baking soda and mix it with chamomile or green tea to avoid bad under arm smell without compromise your health.
I look up and there is a lot of info out there some saying that this is not true, to be in the safe side, I like to learn from everyone and everything, I know that our body needs to get ride of toxins and I know that stoping my body from doing this is going to have a negative impact in my health. I want to share with you a really helpful website to make your own natural deodorants.

This is what I got in the e mail:

Please, share is info to everyone…
Breast cancer is very common and this info can save a few lives.
Washing with water and soap your underarms every night.
We must sleep through the night with our underarms cleaned from our deodorant, so the skin
can breathe easily during the night.
I went to a seminar about breast cancer given by Terry Birk with help of Dan Sullivan.
During the debates I’d asked; why woman develop cancer tumors in chest near the underarm?
My question had an answer and I want to share it with you:
The Main Cause of Breast Cancer is the use of antiperspirant.
Yes, Anti per spirant
Most of the products in the market are a combination of anti-perspirant/deodorant.
Look at the labels!
Deodorant is Ok; Anti-perspirant is NOT OK.
The toxins concentration produces a mutation in the cells:
And here is why:
Human body has a few areas where it can eliminate toxins, behind your knees, behind your ears in the inner groin and underarms.
Toxins are eliminated by Perspiration
Anti-perspirants as the name explains it, avoid Perspiration, meaning they stop our body from eliminating toxins trough underarm.
These toxins don’t disappear easily and because they won’t go out like sweat, our body deposits in our lymphatic glands in the underarm.
Most of the cancerous tumors in breast show in the superior quadrant of that breast area.
Precisely where this lymphatic glands are.
Woman applies the anti-perspirants after shaving with small cuts and this increases the risk because the chemicals go rapidly into the body.
Please share this info.
If you doubt this info you can do your own research, probably will end up with the same conclusion.

This is a message I got in my inbox and find interesting.
Again I rather be in the safe side and apply in my life some of the good advice to avoid that terrible disease that affects so many woman now a days.

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