Sunday, March 14, 2010

Zinc my favorite anti-cold remedy

Yesterday I got up with cold alike symptoms, I have been using zinc in spray as Zicam or in pills, I try hard to get my zinc from cucumbers too, but when a cold strikes or an infection, nothing better than two to tree doses of Zicam a day for at least five days.
I have tried different remedies, nothing as effective. Just zinc glutamate provides relief whiting minutes of taking the first dose, my body feels a positive change, not just vanishing all symptoms but also making illness go away in a 10th of a the time that usually takes me to get over a cold.
I am so happy that there is a natural mineral in nature that can do so much, also inexpensive.
And I just learn that is also a natural treatment for angina.
When I realize the wonders of nature, I feel so thankfull with our Creator God that give us all what we need, we just need to search for it.
Have a wonderfull day!

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