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Naturopath Padre Tadeo.

Guia Practica de La Hidroterapia Kneipp (Spanish Edition)LA Curacion Por El Agua HidroterapiaLa Medicina Del Padre Tadeo (Spanish Edition)The Arauca Missioner, priest and Doctor, Padre Tadeo de Visent, Bavarian capuchin, wise and kind was one of the pioneers in Naturopathy, he study the career of Medico Cirujano y partero (Surgery Doctor and obstetric) meaning allopathic medicine.

Padre Tadeo was born in Bavaria, Germany in 1858 January 26.
In January of 1887 after working as merchant and paying his schooling at the medicine school, he became and wore the capuchin robes.
He worked very hard and that weaken his health, his allopathic studies have not teach him how to fallow a healthy lifestyle, he got sick with rheumatic illness and pulmonary disease.
He found relief breathing fresh air, going out into nature by intuition. He had the rheumatic condition for about 14 years. When Padre Tadeo found himself with a “incurable” illness then he took business in his own hands and explore and found the healing miracles and science of the air, sun, water and soil.

In 1893 Padre Tadeo already a priest, after the chronic condition a crisis attack him and he was near death, he had experience the inefficacy of the allopathic medicine.
That is when he meets Kneipp who show him options, alternatives.
Worishoffen Sebastian Kneipp influenced Padre Tadeo with his science he was seen more as a shaman or healer.
And as most of us at the beginning we resist to different treatments, not ordinary ones, especially when you have gone to school and learn all that knowledge, you think you should be in the right path.
But then he practice during a decade together with Dr. Benhuber who practice Kneipp discipline and science of healing.

Padre Tadeo work as a missionary capuchin doctor in the towns of Pelchuquin, Rio Bueno, el Budi and Constitution in the Chilean Republic, he found a oasis where he was able to heal people who came from all over the country searching for hope, and they found it every time. People that had been told that their sickness was incurable came home healthy. In natural medicine there is not one illness that can not be cure.
He was a revolutionary in medicine and spread the new science of cure with out drugs, vaccines, injections, or surgery interventions
Padre Tadeo work later on with the people sick with leprosy in Colombia.
This loving and wise priest give his life for those who have not found hope, and he giveit to them, until the last day of his existence, he died in one of his trips trough the rain forest going to the various monasteries and communities that needed him. Every body loved Padre Tadeo and he leaved a legacy of precious knowledge and experience to give hope to the one that needs it the most. (some text taken from La Medicina del Padre Tadeo by Manuel Lazaeta Acharan)

If you are interested in learning more of his master piece of love and healing, I recommend a book written by Manuel Lazaeta Acharan; magnificent naturopathic doctor, the book name is “LA MEDICINA DEL PADRE TADEO”, (Padre Tadeo’s Medicine)
autor of Medicina Natural al alcance de todos.( Natural medicine at the reach of everyone).

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generaciones en el futuro reverenciaran a estos disipulos,el hombre tarde o temprano volvera a la naturaleza y a una vida simple