Thursday, March 11, 2010


This morning is pouring rain and I love it. Rain relaxes me more than anything else. If it rains at night; I sleep like a baby.
Rain cleans everything under the sun even our souls. What a magnificent master piece is nature.
Naturopathic literature remind us of how the elements of the earth are our true doctors; air, water, soil, fire (the sun). The healing process is not about taking a magic pill one day, is about changing your ways, is a discipline of life that we also have the responsibility to share with our family, our kids. Never stop searching and learning, we are capable of learn and understand tons of knowledge, don’t let others decide for yourself, to tell you the things you need and to tell you how to live your life. It is us, and nobody else who is responsible for our own destiny.
The choices we make about how and who is in charge of our health will impact our lives sooner or later, a spirit of analysis and search can make you go in the right path. So next time when visiting your Doctor, or when buying medicine or supplements, when watching drug advertisement on TV, don’t believe everything you see, is not about trust, is about knowledge and science. Be friend of your body and mind. Think for yourself and you will be free.
May you have a wonderful day!

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