Monday, March 15, 2010

Horsetail herb for Arthritis and other conditions.

Today I want to share with all my friends the marvelous and beneficial Horsetail plant, the scientific name is Esquisetum Telmateia, in Spanish cola de caballo and Padre Tadeo called it also limpia plata in his notes, properties of this plant are homeostatic (stops hemorrhage), diuretic, also rises mineral levels. Padre Tadeo and Manuel Lazaeta Acharan both prescribe this plant as drinkable tea or in compresses for external pains and wounds.
Drink horsetail tea two times a day. The tea is easy to make by boiling 1 litter of water and add two table spoons of the plant, u can use the whole plant except the root. As all in all herbal remedy if the herb is fresh the results will be intensified, but dry is perfectly fine.
Horsetail plant contains high levels of silicic acid.
Horsetail plant also contains Aluminum, manganese potassium and flavonoids which are diuretic substances.
Silicic acid help with arthritis because is precursor in the reconstruction of bone and connective tissue, making connective tissue stronger, healthy grow and formation of bone and cartilage.

Horsetail tea can help in the following conditions; inflammation (Inflammation is the main cause of pain in most arthritic conditions), urinary tract infections, and effective remedy helpful when someone has kidney stones,
Use compresses for External wounds and burning injuries, muscle and bone injuries or illness as arthritis or osteoporosis, and joint related conditions. Compresses can be used also to heal hemorrhoids and stop nose bleed.

book La medicina al alcanze de todos, Manuel Lazaeta Acharan.
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