Thursday, March 18, 2010

Watching closely the Health Care Bussines

What No One is Telling You About Osteoporosis 12-page booklet (Alternatives for the Health Conscious Individual, Special Report)In a society where money is absolutely the most important thing in the world, there is no way that a health care system is going to work in benefit of the people, specially the middle class and the more needy. Why is this? Because they are not thinking human life’s, they are thinking PROFIT, MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, INVESTING. Money is not bad, greedy is. When you focus j just on profits you lose the real meaning of the word health, They believe that health depends on how many prescribed drugs some one takes for high pressure or high cholesterol, when actually this two are already wrong myths, now discovered by hundreds of HONEST DOCTORS, Real doctors that have gone into natural alternatives and actually research by their own labs and test and experiments, to show how wrong some of the concepts of modern medicine are.
A great example of this is Dr. David Williams’s editor of New Medicine Magazine. Many others have joined him and go in the right path. We have to support these doctors and make noise and open the eyes of patients and practitioners. is an example and gives you an idea of how the elite of millionaires decide over how your health is going to be treated. As long as this people wallets are growing and everyone involved everything is fine, more money means better to them.
What is this business called? Ouch yes, Health care!
God has given us a body to live in, to take care of, life is a miracle. Within millions of little guys that have a race to find a female egg. The whole process of cell reproducing starting with the mitosis is just a fortunate event. We have to sensitize ourselves on how important life is. Think about your little ones, your kids, the kids of your kids, what world are they will have to live in, one that feeds them poisons and then wants to treat them with more poisons? Because that is how it is now. But sensitive and wise people have rise their voice and thanks to millions of people that join the fight against MSG one is down.
Companies had to eradicate that poison from the food. But there is more out there.
Remember, sometimes when you think that because is easier to re heat a soup from a can is going to save you time in cooking, remember that if there is a poison in that food that you are feeding your family, that time is going to be re paid in a terrible way.
I am not against all processed foods or frozen. There is ways to keep preserves in healthy ways. I say this companies Do That or you are going out of business.
And if pharmaceutical companies want to keep in business, start adding more natural remedies to your list and alternative therapies.
People is not stupid, and we are getting fed up with drugs that hurt you more than help you and that in many times don’t even alive anything.

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