Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Health Care Bill document

I was having a hard time finding the bill, but I finally find it, and I though you will be interested in taking a look.


Pokagon Member said...

The health care bill is so Important to Native Americans. You are one of the most sincere honest people I have met in along time.

I was looking for this bill, I am glad that you found it.

You should get on twitter, it drives a lot of traffic if you use it correctly as you would. I snicker at those who do not understand kindness is what strangers crave.

Have a great day!



Shine said...

I apreciate your toughts, I am glad the post was usefull to you. I found that Obama wrote a nice letter in a native american website, seems he is willing to help who more needs it. I have to say that that bill is confusing and very long, but is important to know the basics. Thanks for the advice on twitter I am going to give it a try!
God bless you.