Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Alliance for Natural Health

Mayor abuse to Humans as individuals, where are our rights? where is our freedom? this sounds more like a free doom.
Alliance for Natural Health Campaign is a great website that contains news about the Natural Healing world, some bad ones.
In 2005 Europe approve a Directive of drugs and traditional plants, a sub category of the European Law of Drugs.
This law includes that in order to sell a plant in a herbal pharmacy, the plant has to be known for more than 30 years of safe use, at least 15 in some of the countries in Europe. This doesn't mean that plants have been discovered less than 15 years ago, nobody will be able to sell this plant and they will be available just if they are included in a special list of "safe traditional medicinal plants" according with the new owner of Mother Nature.
So since 2006 these plants have taken off the market, and by 2011 everything should be gone. So we better get a big supply now. Plants, extracts, vitamins, supplements...
This is called repression!
The transnational pharmaceuticals want to forbid almost all plants and extracts, but the naturopaths all over the world have rejected the idea, also herbal companies and herbalist, they have hired a one of the best lawyers of the world and they have reach an agreement where this directive has at least have some limitations. In the application of this sentence,
Pharmaceutical companies want to pass this law called
Sounds like some bs from the medieval times or the inquisition.
CODEX ALIMENTARIOUS? Means Food code, Control over what you are allowed to ingest!!!!!!
This cannot pass and I urge you to sign the petition that you can find in the link above.
I actually think that who ever controls the world, are getting upset that people is not dying. They don't want people to survive by drinking a tea.
But do not be afraid, because they do no know nothing, and there is much more in Alternative and Natural Healing we can do, even if they take away our herbs and supplements.
We have to pray that God's will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven

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