Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I did hear about bauncing bear store 2 days ago, I was happy to have found a online store where you can get herbs, that is what our God has given us to heal, trough our mother earth.
The store was bouncingbearbotanicals and this morning I found out that bouncing bear got arrested. They said because he had illigal sustances in his bussiness. I did saw some amanita muscaria, but that is not something you actually ingest ever! is just beautifull plant, exotic of course.
I will tell you what I think, if they keep doing this, even air is going to be iligal to breath one of this days.
Pharmaceutical companies interest are so ambicious and they don't like to think they will go out of bussines.
People, I heard that in the new health care bill, one of the laws was that now you will have to get a prescription from the doctor, to get vitamins and supplements!!!!
and who is going to prescribe me my chamomille tea, and my arnica montana, and my mullion bark tree tea. I am my own doctor, I don't need anyone telling me how to be healty, if they don't even believe or know about alternative medicine.
They want to force people to do what they think is best for them, but they are so ignorant, all those books and practices in the lab have teach you nothing as a doctor if you don't understand and learn about what has been the history of medicine and all the arternatives.
Unless you know what, maybe they actually want you an me sick, and die soon, and be sick forever so they can sell you their poisons, oooh but not buy illigal plants, buy our poisons! Our poisons are legal! (say the pharma industry)

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