Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The rich Native American Culture and Sacred Plants

Thanks to a good friend I can share with you this website about the Native American Culture and their ancient magic! http://www.native-americans-online.com/native-american-shaman.html

I want to add that the word "Sacred" has a magical meaning and the Sacred plants are in did magical, the way to find them in the wild has a spiritual meaning, and the way you use it can not be just because, the substances in this plants are various and one of the most important rule, this plants and herbs or mushrooms, cetaceans, have to be handle with caution and just with highly experimented shamans; is not just words that can describe the healing qualities of this plants. They are beautiful and powerful and we owe them respect.
Peyote is one of them; this cactus with hallucinogen qualities grows in the north of Mexico.

The indigenous shamans in Mexico, Nahuatl refers to a story about the peyote, this cactus cannot be found in the wild if you are not wroth it of founding it.
My Indigenous Medicine Teachers of Alternative therapies make use of this Sacred cactus just in specific conditions that could not have been treated differently, this involves the spiritual healing, the healing of the soul.
I have Christian believes and that is why I believe that God has given to us, in the nature, to heal our body and spirit.
There is no question that being close to God can heal your spirit. But that doesn't mean other things can help. Specially talking about brain substance unbalances due to emotional problems or psychological traumas.
When human wants to play being ignorant bad things happen, if you don’t respect nature, you are going to get in trouble one way or another.
Plants, mushrooms, cactus, herbs are not bad or even dangerous, is only what you do with them that changes everything. The abuse of any of this sacred plants or the miss use of them can bring serious consequences.
Sacred plants are beautiful, intriguing and there is lots and lots to learn about them.
I am so exited about learn more about different alternatives of healing. I am always in search of the true healing and I think I am getting so close.

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