Friday, February 26, 2010

Good bye Artritis pain.

Hi there, here is a some great news for all people suffering join pain, I have been reading an extraordinary magazine called "New Medicine" by Dr. David Williams, he is a Doctor and also a naturopathic Doctor, I am amazed with all the good advice we can get from him, and I just want to share this with everyone because living in pain is horrible and nobody should live like that.
In Dr. David William's magazine he mentions how part of the reason pain is caused is because our cartilage runs out of synovial fluid, dries up and this synovial fluid can be restored just if our body produce or ingest Hyaluronic Acid.
Our Modern Hippocrates "Dr. David William” recommend
Bone Broth. So every time you are cooking soup, add the bone to boil in the soup.
You can find some of his books online, and the magazine is awesome! You can actually save money and also really be a healthy human been by following his advice, seriously.
Here is a good product to help with the bone health, but remember always that your main source of nutrients must come from a balanced diet :)
Grow Bone System


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Your website looks great, and thank you for visiting my blog, I am adding a service to my blog as a herbalist consultant in case you need some advice from the wise ancient shamans, I just got the info and pass it on :)