Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Say "No" to Fear

Hi there, today I want to share with all of you this intresting and not surprising but actually Truths that can make you free of fears, fears make our spirit sick and if your spirit goes sick your flesh will too.
The fear of Global warming has been the ideology and false religion of our times, with its false prophets too of course, the idea of considering humanity as viruses that don't do but infest and pollute the earth, the idea of concibe Mother earth as a live entity who needs protecction from people agaist other people, the fear put in our souls and minds and flesh after hearing how the sun is going to fry us all and how the earth's rage revange is going to end with humanity using hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and else.
The truth is that To creating a new bussines doesn't come, but after you create a Need in peoples mind!!!!
So they can sell you something. guess what I don't buy it!
Note, I am not against controll of pollutants in the air and water, I am all about nature and protect our planet, I am against of the lies and the fear.(In conclusion I am agaist the devils works, we know who is the father of the Lie)
Starting with Al gore and other people that cannot live with out doing the evil and create fear for greed and fun...
Please do not believe everything you hear... specially on TV. And don't believe me either, but research, think, get the information and have faith, do not let fear in your heart, because then we are giving power to the evil forces, we have to have love, faith, real hope In God, our Lord, the only one who is going to save us, who also Lives in every one of us!
Please if you want to be informed and fear not the lie, but fear the truth and actually be able to do something to change the path to destruction and starvation of the human race
please visit the following websites, the truth will make us free!
Lord Christopher Monckton proves with real science that global warming is a lie to control the mass, and bring humanity to the apocalypsis created by man.

copy and paste this links in your web browser and God bless you and protect you.


hipmommy said...

You are so right about the fear....very interesting post!

Shine said...

Yup we have to be carefull with what we let in our mind, because is going to affect us, either in a positive or negative way, so :) Lets hope for a better world even when seems an utopia. Thank you for visiting hipmommy and thanks for all the inspiration and tips to make this blog :).