Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Dipolmas in Herbal, Natural Pharmacy and Auriculotherapy.

Hi there to all my friends.
If you have questions about herbal remedies to improve your health I will respond to your questions and can advice you about herbal alternatives.
As you know in my blog I have experience in and studies in Allopath medicine, Herbal Medicine, Supplements, Spiritual Healing, Auriculotherapy (Ear acupuncture), and Natural Pharmacy.

In the year 1997 B I start my studies in the CUCS “Centro Universitario Ciencias de la Salud” for Medico Cirujano y Partero (Surgery Doctor and Obstetrician) and I proudly hold my partial certificate it was hard work and putting your whole self into it, you have to study very hard.
( University Center of Health Sciences) of the University of Guadalajara U de G in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
I attend to Medicine University for 6 semesters (3.5 years) year after year, experiencing with real patients in two civil hospitals of the city; I realize that allopathic medicine was not the answer to my expectative. I realize that many illnesses were not being cure or alive not even getting better with the treatments that allopathic medicine use, specially the adverse effects that some medications have are not worth it going trough.
It was like putting dirt in a never ending hole.
I struggle with the idea of quitting for a long time until one day witnessing the death of a 12 year old girl after a long fight with a lymphoma, I had it.
I wanted to study natural medicine, but there was no school at that time where they would teach it. I had 9 brothers and sisters and my family could not afford sent me to a college far away.
I study 3 years Computer System Engineering, which I have to be honest I did not exactly loved. Then I got married and came to the US, my husband and I lived in Mexico for about 1 year and in this time I was so blessed to find trough my Mom a Natural Medicine School!
AMITA “Academia de Medicina Indigenas y Terapias Alternativas” in the City of Guadalajara, Mexico, where I got my diploma for Auriculotherapy (Ear Acupuncture), Herbalist and Natural Pharmacy. This was in the year of 2005. I loved my school.
Auriculotherapy (Ear Acupuncture) is non invasive and effective! I want to spread the word about it, because is effective and inexpensive!
I got my Diploma for Herbalist and Natural Pharmaceutical Medicine, my teachers were great Herbalist Holistic Consultants and they had this magic to see trough you.
I learn Reflexology and got Diplomas for several kinds of massage, Mayan massage, Las 7 sobadas de origen Maya (The seven massage of Mayan origen) and my Diploma for Geoaromatherapeutic Massage, Lymphatic Drainage.
At this point in time I have found my place and my career.

I have to say that studying allopathic medicine for 4 years have been extremely helpful, because now I understand why the teas my Mom make for me when I was sick, really help and how.
I don't hold my Doctor’s degree because I had to shift my life in many occasions in search of the true knowledge, the real answer.
I just learn that there is not a Certification for being a Herbalist in US I look for some kind of exam to pass but there is nothing but expensive schools, and some say the best herbalist have been self taught. I learn this from this great blog:

Experience trough all your life can teach you a lot, when you are focused on learn what really works in Health matters and you put your whole spirit and heart in what you do, you find what you were looking for.
And I hope I can be helpful to you.

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