Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Guardacil May Prevent cervical cancer (side effects).

Cervical cancer is a cancer that me and you could suffer,(if we polute our bodies) but the chances are 1 in thousands or millions that you would get it, is it worth going trought a serious of symptoms and sickness as rash, pain in joyns, lack of circulation, get a autoinmmune disease because you get a vaccine of Guardacil?, a vaccine that "MAY" protect you from cervical cancer that actually is administrated in young girls 8 million girls or more had been vaccinated,
8000 girls in the US after they get the shot they collaps, faint, trow up, some get paralized, a girl that take 3 shots of guardacil die after the third dose. Effects that are not that fast to show will come with the time.
Merck and CDC said is safe oviously.
are the side effects worth it?

Please, protect your children, some pharmaceuticals are not working for our health, but for our Illness so they can Sell us something, or worst... control population.
This is my theory but there is prove out there, get informed please.

The truth will make you free, don't forget about it.

Let me tell you a true story:
I have a sibling who is a Doctor in Mexico, she is a great halopatic Doctor, she mention how some doctors have sell their souls to pharmaceutics to sell and administrate drugs to patients that were not beneficial and in some cases worsen your health.
She did her research in a hospital floor in several patients, same sickness more or less, she noticed they were all getting a specific drug, and the drug was not doing what it was suposed to do, then she start her cientific research and all she did was avoid giving that drug to all the patients...conclusion... All the patients within a week start improving their health, when she presented her article to discussion in the hospital, every doctor say congrats to her for the findings...
Later she try to find out why this drug was not working as it should and why this drug was administrated to All the patients even when they had some symptoms and phisiological diferences.
She was about to contact the pharmaceutical company to ask questions.. guess what happen?, Hospital head Doctors told her, "Stop investigating, We live from the pharmaceuticals, the hospital lives from the pharmaceutical companies. Don't even think about it".
She was in rotation at that location, so she sadly left and could not do anything about it.

Doctors are not bad, they learn what they were teach, from books and you have to understand that most of the books and articles are also given the chance to be because of the pharmaceutic co.
Not all drugs are bad, some are usefull, some are needed, antibiotics are marvelous, cirgury when needed is amazing, but as everywhere corruption enters and who pays the bill?... We do, with our life. Just something to think about. Have a great weekend everyone.


Pete said...

Cervical cancer is the number one killer in my country. Thks for visiting my blog!

Shine said...

CC is a world wide problem, but it is That Vaccine the solution?, I think that nice councious people like you that try to spread the word about healty eating can make a bigger contribution and diference to prevent and cure sickness in this world, also CC can be prevented making health campains, improving the economy of the country. I know it sounds like an utopia, but the way the gob and the nations want to fix things is not fixing the root of the problems and the root of the sickness. May God bless you and keep iluminating the noble minds.