Saturday, January 9, 2010

4 menstrual periods against 12?

There is a new birth control pill in the drugstore that allows you have 4 periods in a year.
To all woman who wishes they could skip their periods, one thing is taking birth control pills that it is also damaging your health, then add to that chop from your healty body the ability to clean itself, the ability to run its energy as it runs the blood in your veins and arteries and then the path to give life. There is a reason why God made us like this, almost perfect.
The more we go far away from this perfection the more likely we are to die.
The life in our body is not just a thing, it is the fluid of life, this sounds familiar? your blood has to be moving. We cloth our chackras when we stop the normal fluid of energy in our body.
Woman lives longer because their bodies ability to regenerate blood as we get our periods every month we are cleaning our body with new blood.
This is a bleessing, why would we stop this blessing?
Don't let the tv and farmaceutic companies rule over you Divinity, rule over your health, and body. No one is responsible about your health but YOU, not even your Doctor. But God, and you.
May God Bless us and stop the greedy souls.

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