Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Low Cholesterol is not good

I want to bring this up to you because farmaceutical companies have no mercy when trying to sell you stuff and get rich, that doesn't mean that they want to sell you the best for you, but the best for their pockets.
They start and idea around a simple and natural thing then create panic and voala!~~! they create a new need!! (something you do not need)
For several years now, farmaceuticals and doctors and media have been telling you that High Colesterol is bad, guess what? Is not true.
Older people with High Colesterol LIVE LONGER!
Colesterol is needed in our veins so they protect them from breaking.
People, we need to have faith in God, it is not good to abuse of fats, but in a healty body your body will get ride of the excess, and of course don't abuse...
Another thing they have been telling you is to Don't eat eggs because they contain colesterol... Eggs are wonderfull, 1 egg contain the protein that on person needs in a day! is the perfect meal, even better than meat wich of course now is sometimes polluted with hormons and toxins.
Eggs are good for you my friends, eat eggs almost every day and you will grow healty and strong, eat nuts wich also contain good protein and minerals need, and of course lots of veggies and fruits specially bananas! so yummy and not costly bananas are as cucumbers one of your best meals!
But remember now... eggs are good, and always read and search on the internet about all the health options you have. Remember that our Holy Master told us, The truth will make you free, so lets find it in our everyday life, to live a better and healthy life.
God bless you all and may the Holy Spirit fill your hearts and homes this Christmas!

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