Thursday, January 14, 2010

Onions Natural Antiviral and Antibiotic

This morning I got in my inbox this Very Intresting Article.

In 1019 when the flu kill 40 million people there was a Doctor who visited several farmes to see if he can help them to fight the sickness. Many of them and their families were already death.
This Doctor found this Farm that for his surprise, everyone was incredible healthy. When the doctor ask what is it that they were doing diferent to the other families, the wife answer that She had placed a whole onion in a plate in all the bedrooms and rooms in their home.
The Doctor was amazed but ask the lady to give him one of the onions to put it under the microscope. Obviously, the onion had absorved the bacteria keeping the family healthy.
There had been other reports about people trying this whith positive results so it seems this is amazing and almost unbelivable, but true.
Onions had in their composition a substance called tanninos, this is an astringent agent and it seems that absorbent too. Also Antibacterial.

So if you want to try, with nothing to lose, buy some onions and place them in plates all over your house specially in this season. Also in your desk at work.
The lady talking in the article also claims had done this and never had a cold of flu.
Garlic is antibiotic too, so lets give it a try, there is nothing to lose and a lot to win, specially now when we cannot trust our health to anyone. There is NOTHING TO LOSE.

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