Thursday, November 19, 2009

Salt and equilibrium

Many people believe that salt is bad for their bodies, that is NOT true.
I have never been afraid of salt, in medicine school I learn how sodium works linked to potassium in our bodies in balance to keep the right amount of water inside the cell and outside the cells and also if you don't have sodium in the body there is no electrical charge to carry nutrients in you body inside and outside the cell. We already have in our bodies a number of sodium, in a healty body when you ingest sodium you have your kidneys and all the beautifull physiology that our God give us with our body to get ride of excess and keep just what we need.

There is hyponatremia what we call low sodium
hypernatremia what we call high sodium
there is hypokalemia what we call low potassium
there is hyperkalemia what we call high potassium
as you can see what makes our body not healty is the lack of balance, wich most of the time happens either for a fatal accident when losing high amounts of blood or cronic diseases either hereditary or most likely a poor diet high in poisons and a sedentary life style.
Our bodies have originally a process called Homeostasis wich regulates all the processes in our body to keep the required balance.

I was very happy to find out about Dr. David Williams he is editor of the magazine "New Medicine" that I hightly recomend to get because in years I have never read a Doctor that makes more sense and that is for real and kindly shares his knowledge with all of us.

In his Winter 2009 Magazine New Medicine, there is a list of Six Killer Miths, and the one refering to salt ingestion goes like this:

Killer Mith #6 "Salt is bad for you because it raises your blood pressure, so you should keep it to a minimum"

Look, salt is an essential electrolyte. There's just no argument: Your body needs it!
The notion that hypertension is caused vy sodium or salt is a myth. At the most, only 10% of us might be salt-sensitive and could benefit by avoiding salt.
In fact, the latest study (Am J Med 06;119[3]:275) says that people who eat Less salt are More likely to die of heart disease.
I hope that begins to rearrenge your paradigms!
Even if you threw away your salt shaker, it would do you little good because 88.7% of your sodium intake is already food. So break out the popcorn! Fix yourself a big, fat ham sandwich! Pass the nachos! You might live a little longer... and have more fun while you're at it.

Again this was taken from the Winter 2009 magazine "New Medicine" by Dr. David Williams. You can order your magazine call free at 1-800-843-8408

I am happy to know that there is good Doctors out there and want to take the challenge of our time. God Bless you all.

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