Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baking soda

Hi everyone! last week I was talking to my mother about her visit to the Doctor's office that is not so frecuent, most of us as woman we don't like to go get check! it is in our nature. Scientist research try to find out why so much mammarian cancer has strike every nation, as a naturalist I go straigh to find the posible causes, if woman in the times of Abraham had this much mammarian cancer Woman would not survive to this century, with out the cirgury and other agresive methods the science has to use when there is nothing else to do. We need to PREVENT!
I have been doing some experiments with myself, we all remember that old remedy that our grandmothers use to get smells out, or clean their theet and even whitening theet...
Well I have been using nothing BUT BAKING SODA! as a deodorant, and so far is been working great!!! there's not floral scent, but neither a bad smell!, I mean odor is gone!, also I am not applying to my skin chemicals that will cloth my pores and stop my skin from breathing, avoid my glands from woking and drain, and the smell is gone, and also I use just a pinch like using powder not even a gram! apply just what stays in your fingers with a pinch for both under arms, Done! chep and safe!
I tell you why I start doing this... because I notice that my skin was changing color, and actually kind of hurt with the regular deodorant, also I thought about all the above and how all this things can contribute to getting mammarian cancer, I am talking about my experience and sharing it with you.
Another thing, and this comes from doctors and scientist, brestfeeding your babies it is good for you and for your child in many ways including avoiding mammarian cancer and give to your child immunity to many things for the rest of their life.
Don't smoke!
Eat healty, raw food the best! (except meats)
bananas and cucumbers are great!
drink lots of water, check that where you live the water quality is good if not get a filter for your home.
And learn about herbal tea's
live happy and close to God and He will take care of YOU.

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