Saturday, April 18, 2009

Therapy Magnets

Electromagnetic field therapy (static magnets).
The use of magnets to heal our body have been used to cure illness in the past by Egyptian and ancient cultures that believe that magnets will pull out the illness off your body and expell it.
" I think that magnet therapy makes sense since we are electric beeings, electricity and electromagnetic fields are all over our body and our sorroundings, I think the use of them helps our body align and stabilish a balance to those waves in our body".

In our days different types, sizes, and strengths of magnets exist.
Magnet therapy is easy to apply and we can do it ourselves.
There is now on the internet a lot of websites where we can get back wraps, wrist wraps you name it!
My sciatica problem is gone every day at night I wear my magnetic wrap for my lower back, and the pain is gone, I still don't lift anything heavy and I am trying to keep healty eating habits.
I mention before that Doctor wanted to operate but now, It won't happen !!
If you have a pet that is hurt or sick, there is even some for them.

Search on the internet for "Therapy Magnets"to find where to get them :)
there is a lot of websites and most of them have reasonable prices, and what is best
always good results.

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surjit said...

Thanks Shine,for sharing this informative post.I am keen to know about Magnet Therapy.
God bless.