Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Outdoor health

In the spring and summer we spent a lot of time outdoors, we have been so separated from nature that sometimes especially people living in extreme weather became more allergic to all we come in contact outdoors.
For sure we will get an allergy, rashes or an insect bite during this time.
There is one great way to keep mosquitoes away and is a healthy one too, you should take a complex of vitamin B and specially B12, mosquitoes will stay away from you and won’t bite you, also there is a few escencial oils that prevent mosquitoes to get close to you as eucaliptus, rosemery, cinnamon, peppermint... if you get bitten you can use arnica infusion or arnica ointment for inflammation and relieve from pain on bruises, and honey too Honey is good to cure wounds faster, because contains also antibiotic for infections, you have to wash the wound and then apply raw honey better at night and cover it. make sure your honey is clean.
For rashes there is nothing better that oatmeal infusion, or grind the oatmeal and put it in the tub in warm water, especially in children this is a natural way to sooth itchy and rash skin.
Improve your immune system and get it ready for any infection you can get being outdoors Vitamin C and Echinacea are a great immune booster to be prepared.
Calendula has antiviral and antibacterial properties this can be use too after sun burns and bites, also for diaper rash.
Have a wonderful week!!!

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