Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spiritual food

When talking about changing your diet to improve your health and life, is not just material foods what our body needs, even more we need the spiritual foods, that we need as much as the material ones.
We all need to make some time for meditation, reflexion, prayer and concentrate just on this, once a day (just as we ate every day) in a quiet place it doesn't need to be a long time, a few minutes could be enough but has to be a time just for this, knowing this is important and practicing you will love it and feel the benefit of this, I know most of us do this is in our nature, first of all we need to quiet the mind a time to forget about everything and just come back and have a chat with ourselves with our counscience, this is a good cure after a day and a life of living worring about what is going to happen tomorrow and all the worries in life, that are in fact just not enough important to keep you from living and enjoying your life 100%, in this time of meditation, there is no room to think about hate or guilt, nothing but expecting your inner spirit talk to you and comes to tell you, I am here, I am with you and everything is alright I will not leave you, and you don't need nothing else I will show you the way and guide you, I will feed you and heal you, because that is why I am here, you just need to take the time to listen, I am here, silence your mind, take away from your eyes that fog and see me, this will give a reset to your brain, a boost to our spirit and a stronger immune system.
Another way to feed your spirit is getting lots of sunlight, in the palm of your hands too, and from the moon rays too. This is not witchcraft in case sounds weird, ancient cultures did this, egipt and aztecs where solar cultures and they knew this things and there is where we are going again just wait and see...
When we ate our meals we have to ask blessing this food, and energize it, ask God to do it for you so is much better and will be more nutricious and absorbed by your organs better, enriches your blood, because every change starts in our mind this is very important.
We can also feed our spirit by praying, by wishing good to others, and loving ourselves very much and others, our enemy too, sometimes we are not in the mood to pray for our enemies, that is fine, just don't hate them so much, :P hate poisons your soul, and your bones, hate is very bad, and also you send bad energy to the person you hate and the universe will bring it back to you, there is nothing under the sun, that God cannot see, so lets live and let others live and love and let others love, and have a wonderfull weekend :)



I need to do this. I know that you are absolutely right! it does heal to take even a fw minutes to just meditate. It is one of the most peaceful and energizing things one can do for themselves. This brings to mind that I need to be better about this and not get so caught up in the day to day! Great post-I think I will meditate tomorrow.

surjit said...

Yes Shine, I fully agree with your insights.We must fix appointment with ourselves daily, sit quietly for sometime and pray:
...'I am here, I am with You and everything is alright I will not leave You..'
Thanks for sharing another noble post.
God bless.

Shine said...

Girl, thank you for your visit, I do enjoy going to your website too very much, even when I am a want to be healthy too is always enriching and intresting finding new and exiting things of beeing more natural and healthy every day, see you next time :)

Shine said...

Surjit, thank you for your comments, thank you for your time and for your great labor with your website, I really enjoy reading the content of your web always very deep and truth. Have a great weekend.