Friday, May 9, 2008

Just thinking...

I have been reading some blogs this past week and all of them were talking about something in common and catch my attention, because this past week I could not concentrate or focus in finding something to talk about, I was feeling kind of down and depress, I think we are all wired up, interconnected (that is the word! thanks Health nut wannabe!) some how, things that are affecting other humans in other parts of the world does affect us, is not bad of good, is just a fact and I think is a sign as a symptoms in a sick body, when something is going wrong in the world, the collective global conscience that also lives in all of us, is blinking or dinging to let us know something, and this is I think also because we need to do something about it, at least say a prayer, or meditate or send good wishes and visualize this people getting help some how, I do feel so terrible sad for all those souls that left the earth with the cyclone this past week, may God take them with Him and end the pain for the people that is left to deal with all that disaster and help us too. I believe we are all connected and we do need to love one another, if we want to progress as humanity. Sometimes we get stressed out with mundane and trivial things, there is so many good important things to pay attention to, we have to concentrate in the important transcendent things, and concentrate our energy on those, and don't let material things get you worried.I'd talk to myself and I just want to share it. We need to heal this world, spiritually first. Again the change in life starts in our mind, clean your mind, create peace and harmony, visualize then the knowledge and the miracles will start happening, is not a secret anymore :)



I agree with you and I think we, nature, animals are interconnected and have to work together to heal. Beautiful post.

surjit said...

Yes, you are right Shine.we are all part of this universe and hence interconnected..
'and we do need to love one another, if we want to progress as humanity..
Thanks for sharing your insights.
God bless.