Thursday, March 6, 2008

Radium 226 and 228 in Drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis Water System, probably a solution
this is one of the water filtration systems that can get ride of most of the Radium and other polution in water for your house, remember that even if you do not drink it, you are showering on it and breathing it.

In this post I am adding some links to read about Radium more information about this situation happening in some areas of the country,(this is not new is been happening for years and years) but is important we know and if we can take the necesary steps to protect as much as we can our loved ones. Nuclear Power Plants work with Uranium, and when the Plant is not well treat or the uranium leaks or gets in contact with soil and water Radium goes free around the town in water air and soil and is not a positive thing...

We always get scared when we think about the radiation idea and we think that just in a nuclear attack we could be exposed to this, this is not the case, we are exposed to radioactive agents in several ways, and the less we are exposed the better because this exposure specially when is cronic through the years leads to osteosarcoma (bone cancer), lung cancer, breast cancer and another disturbances as catarats and others in our bodies...
Last week I got on the mail a water quality notice from the city I belong, saying that they got 10 new Water treatment Plants to treat the Naturally occurring radium in the city's public water supply. (I wonder if using the word naturally is going to cure some ones cancer)...
Anyways the concentration of Radium a Radioactive element was in our water for God only knows how long and is now in our bodies, exeding the maximum allowable concentration of radium in drinking water by the Polution control Board at 5 picocuries per Liter, we were at 6.33 picocuries per liter... becausse maybe is not in the water now, but if after beeing exposed to radium you take a radium test in urine and you will find it there... they said is not emergency,... but SOME PEOPLE DEVELOP CANCER.... not all of them... of course not all develop cancer, some develop catarats, some develop other problems, minor injuires, we are all diferent.
Anyways, my husband decide to put a general filter for the all the water that comes into our house, this water system has been really good and I guess will protect us at least a little bit when this kind of radium leakings ocurr.

In the notice was writen, You do not need to use an alternative blottle water supply or else, However if you have specific healt concerns talk to your doctor, This is not a immediate risk (No because cancer takes time to develop), If it had been, you would have been notified immediately. However, some people who drink water containing radium 226 or radium 228 in excess (just as we did) of MCL over many years may have an increased risk of getting cancer.
This text includes some writens in the letter from the city of Joliet Public Utilities Department.
Joliet IL 60433

Radium in ground water from public water suplies in Northern Illinois

more Radium information

Reverse Osmosis Water filtration filters 80% of the Radium in the water that is pretty good, I wanted to add this site and info not just the bad news, there is always a way to solve a problem once you have found it, so if you have a problem with Radium or water polution seek what solution could be best for you and your family, I made a little research and this is the best system that I found
I acctually have a not osmosis one and it works fine but this one will be the next to get. I am not advertising this site is just a recomendation with reference to the post.

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