Sunday, March 2, 2008


More than 7,000 years ago Mayans in Mexico used this plant Amaranth because of its great nutricional qualities, Amaranth is gluten free, Amaranth is cosider almost as a cereal but is not,
Amaranth is a plant that can be used in 100 percent, the whole grain, the plant, as veggie
The seed contains proteins, vitamins and minerals that help with growing is great for kids, fights anemia contains a lot of Iron, proteins, vitamins and minerals, rich in calcium and magnesium good for Osteoporosis, great for patients with metabolic unbalance, muscle pains and depression.
Proteins rich in lisin and triptophan.
Triptophane Is a aromatic aminoacid that converts in serotonine, stimulates the brain, is rich in fatty acids as omega 6, omega 3 and escualeno that helps get ride of the bad colesterol in blood.

Antioxidant efect contains tocoferlo alfa and delta, and tocotrienol, calcium hidroxiphospate for strong theet and bones.

UNAM University National Autonoma of Mexico is developing a drink made out of Amaranth, is spected to be as good or even better than soy drinks, because is less alergenic for some people.


surjit said...

Hello Shine,
A great informative post. I am vey fond of this vege. Thanks for sharing.

Shine said...

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Hmmm...pigweed. I am sure many of us have come across but could never imagine.

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