Friday, February 22, 2008

We are One.

Thinking about the begining of life, just as a fetus start growing in a mother's womb, think how it works... 1 cell then 2, then 4, then 6, and keeps adding more,... count and realize that 1 alone could be nothing and it is all, when all those 1 became 1 Big 1 .
We are first spiritual creatures, we all belong to the One Eternal Father, and in the earth we pretend sometimes live our lives as individual beeings separated from the rest, that is why envy, hate and other negative feelings are so harmfull for ourselfs, there is nothing worst poisoning for your body, than the words coming out of your mouth, and the eating human meat when we talk about others bad things or have negative toughts about them........because we are doing it to Ourselfs!
There is not mistery to what Jesus and God laws have teach us, Love yourself and love your neighboor and your enemy, all the people around us, are living example of what we are too, and sometimes God needs to put a lot of people in diferent situations sometimes situations that we need to get over it, or we need to learn to tolerate, there is not mistery, is Divine Science.
Beeing a good samaritan, doesn't mean that you have to let people hurt you, means that you must learn from everyone, and every situation, because ther is a Reason Always, of why is happening to you this, we are the only one responsible for what hapens in our lives, taking the responsability of this is the best start, the rest God will provide, Just know how to ask, and to know how to ask, First you need to know What do you really really want...
Then ask, and God will give it you, maybe before you end up asking your request...
Feith does moves mountains, and it is True.

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