Thursday, February 28, 2008


Finally I have some time to write in my blog, my kids have been sick with what seems to be rotavirus and I most have get it too, Rotavirus starts sometimes with a simple but serious cold or flu then becames viral enteritis, from the uper respiratory track goes down to gastric and intestine area causing diarreah, vomit, and cramps, there is not medicine for a virus that is really effective, and can last from seven to twelve days, I hope it last us less, we feel terrible but the acute phase is now slowing down there is nothing to do but keep drinking lots of liquids specialy for the kids pedialyte, I have been drinking tes and giving it to my kids to salvia boldo and romero and also chamomile and gordolobo with seems to be helping a lot too, it is hard because all winter we stay indoors in the house and the moment you get out to a store or mall you get all kind of germs, viruses, bacterias and more... at the same time you don't want to go crazy in your house, I guess is better go crazy but healty. I am looking forward to spring so bad!
My Mom is coming to visit and my grandma too my kids are so exited and so I am.
I had another dream the other day that came true during the day, my husband just said that I was a freak (in a good way) but he already knew that haha and my Mom said that is because I am to stressed out and eat big meals in the nigth wich is very bad for digestion and bad dreams, that is true, my friend told me that I must follow my first instinct, wich I belive is true that is the way to be, so I think they are all right.
I think that we have to be analitic of the things that happen around us and know that nothing happens as a isolated fact, and we know when things feel right or wrong.
well, wish me luck getting ride of this negative element in our bodies and pray for all the people that is sick in this world. :)


jollyjo said...

Nothing hurts more than seeing the kids sick...the only thing you can think of is waving a magic wand.

Hope all is well now...

Shine said...

Thank you, we are beter now, and the lab results shown not rotavirus, but just another virus... whatever we are fine now :) and thanking God we survive, I won't say I need to be sick sometimes, but beeing sick sometimes reminds you of beeing thank full with God, when you are healty and feel more happy of not beeing sick, haha