Thursday, February 21, 2008

Nose Bleedings

Hi there :), today I am writing about this comun problem when nose bleeds because of high outdoor temperature, or because you got an injure sometime in the past and then your nose keep bleeding once in a while, my Dad used to play baseball and got hit with a baseball ball more than one time, so his nose will bleed once in a while specially if we go to the beach because of the high temperatures his vasels where not enough strong to retain the blood flood, he will put a piece of paper underneath his upper lip against the high part of the internal lip, and it help him at the moment you know those family tricks, but then my Mom that was always into Natural Medicine give him Vitamin K and that really stop his bleedings for good.

The area of the central face is an area with abundant blood vasels and is when it bleeds it gets ugly, so some of the cures for this is, number one take Vitamin K (is not vitamin C but vitamin C is good for this too and Calcium make sure you take a vitamin complex with all the vitamins included once a week to make sure you are not laking of other nutrients).
Vitamin K is specially to help the production of trombocites cells that help blood have the right balance of clothing so we don't bleed to death with all injuries, Vitamin K makes will help you with your nose bleeding in most of cases.

In book Back to Eden, author Jethro Kloss mention some herbs to correct this disfunction:
natural herbs that can help with this condition applying directy into the nosetrils snuff a little bit half of teaspoon with golden seal tea.
Other te's that can be use is wild alum root and white oak.
Check with your doctor when the bleeding continues in several ocacions or if is from a mayor injury, some bleedings can be signs of other mayor sickness as Purpura and Anemia, but if is not to often and you have tried everything and nothing works try taking Vitamin K and you will feel the diference.
Hope you have a great day!
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