Sunday, February 17, 2008

Flaxseed, constipation good bye!

Flaxseed has many benefits, not just for constipation. Basic element if you want to have good health condition. Is a little gift from nature contains:
Omega0-3 fats called good cholesterol.
Omega 9
Omega 6
Flax Proteins
anti-hormonal cancer type.
Phytochemicals as Lignanos that have antioxidants effects wich help fight the negative effects of the free radicals.
Help you have a good digestion, lower risk of heart disease, lower colesterol levels, may protect from cancer, improve immune function.

There is a variety of products that contain flaxseed or flaxeed oil, I recommend the natural flaxseed, before going to bed add 3 to 4 spoons of flaxseed in a glass of water and leave it during the night covered. Drink in the morning before breakfast. Is tasteless and will be a blessing for you body.
Remember that digestion and nervous system problems are conected, we need to cleanse our digestive tract so everything can be back to normal and our body will be able heal itself.
Bad digestion and constipation leads to a multiple cronic conditions, from stress, to pains and cancer. We need to make sure that our intestines are moving, working, cleaning and doing its work, doesn't matter what you do, this is one of the most important tips to be healthy.
May God heal you as you read this. Love yourself, heal yourself and others. :)


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celine said...

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