Friday, February 1, 2008

Body Temperature.

Body Temperature

One of the important aspects of the Natural Medicine is based on getting rid and prevent toxins get in to your body, but when already happen this toxins building up in our system get trap in our lynphatic system, (specially) with no where to drain. All this toxines create internal fever wich no termometer can find because is located right in our internal organs, specially intestins and organs sorrounding this area. Letting the extremities of our body as legs, arms and head cold and some times in so much pain.
My Mom use to get dark mud from a naturopatic medicine store, wich is also the black stiky mud that you have outside your house, strained and cleaner.
This mud or soil mixed with fresh watter creates a dough and has the benefit of keeping the cool and freshness for long hours untill its dry, and absorbing the heat of the body, making the body try to create heat to compense the loose of heat at the same time makes the temperature of the body even all over, so many times we get sick just for changes on the weather temperature, a sick body tries to create heat to distroy all the toxines beeing bacterial, viral or external sustances that the body needs and is trying to get ride off. And also needs to find the way out of this heat and make the weather temperature even.
Our bodies are prepared to deal with any kind of strange non positive thing in our system, it defends it self, we need to give the right push towards healing by knowing how it works and work with our body as a team. The fever has to go out, because when this one is realeased, the body can keep fighting the strange bodies.
But how to use this mud, this is one of the ways to get ride of internal fevers
Get about half or a cup of mud, put about five table sp of watter and add more untill the mud gets like dough for pizza, then place it as a pizza in a few about 7 pages of newspapper cutted in rectangle, then get a towel or a long piece of fabric.
Once you get everything ready, The pizza mud, is going to be placed exactly bettween the ribs and the pelvic bones, just in the area where there is not bone, just in the area surrounded the belly bottom but covering all that area with out touching bone.
You have to do this, laying down in your bed, put the towel or piece of fabric this most be long enough to wrap your whole weist to keep the mud in place use safty pins with carefull of not gettin pinch, Also ware pants on top of it, do this at night so you sleep all night long with the mud, Mud will absorbe all the internal fever, You will sleep deeply, even when it sound a unconfortable way to sleep you will know I was right.
The only part I don't like about this is that is kind a messy next morning to clean up, but the benefits are worth the effort!
If the Idea of the mud doesn't convince you, you can try to this with a wet towel with fresh watter, again do not touch bones, just the belly, and with the difference that with the wet towel you need to keep getting new fresh watter every 15 minutes, because the body will heat it up the towel faster.
Always remember this important thing.... you keep yourself warm when you do this, your feet must be covered and under the blankets all your body, exept your head of course, that is why is better if you do it while sleeping at night so, what we need to do this this is actually create more heat int he body, but letting a door Open so this heat goes out of our body.
:) So the bad thing about fever is not that is heat but that gets traped.

This natural tecnique, is good in almost all kind of condition, colds, fevers, artritis, almos all sickness have in comun the Internal Fever, because our bodies will always try to fight against it. Wich is good.

May the light of the Lord guiede us,
protect us and teach us to heal our spirit
and then our bodies.
Have a wonderfull beautifull Day.

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