Sunday, February 3, 2008

Reading some information on a intresting blog from compasionate council I agree when this autor mentioned how is so difficult to find the right cure for a very sick society.
Specially because the ones "suposed to be in charge of the good beeing and healt care and farmaceutical companies" the less that they care is about HEALING ANYBODY,
They want us sick! so the bussines continues. No sick People, No Bussines!, Back in my Natural Medicine School, they teach us a therapy called Microdosis,
the book is called "Medicina para un Nuevo Milenio",
Autor Eugenio Martinez Bravo probably there is a way to find it in english, but more likely Not, because it is not very convinient for some eyes.
This therapy is based in the idea and science because is true, that small microscopical, minimun amounts of the same medicine, herbs, even organs, can be use with the same potencial effects in the organism, Minimum Dosis that is why is called Microdosis.
My favorite is microdosis with herbs, instead a cup of te you take a few drops of a preparation with microdosis will give even better results. Our bodies react better to minimal amount of sustances because our body can recognice and get the benefit with out the intoxication with big amount of the medicine, with out the secondary effects because the amount is so small that cannot hurt a mouse. But why they want to add more quantities to the medication sold?, because that will make us more sick, get the addiction and make us come back for more, also because a lot of people, scientist, doesn't even know about this Microdosis therapy. And some try to keep it in the darkness so is not known...
Right now I will just put in your hands the name of the book and the Micro Information about this underfull good news for all the people that suffer because of the secondary effects of their medicine or the ones that don't even find a cure.
The preparation specially for herbs, for example, knowing what herb or plant propeties have, you choose the right for you, (wich you can find in the internet writing in the search, propeties for curative, or healing herbs),
I will make sure in the next post I will bring more info about this treatment.
First I want to assure you this works, Second I want to share the story of the autor, this good man, work for Bayer company back in a southamerican country, he was a Doctor and a Chemical Engineer, he notice that when the labs made experiments they were overdosing, the medicine that they sell to people, he made experiments, for years and want to try show it to the rest of the world, they got very mad at him and fire him, shut him up, but they could not avoid his book survive, and they could not avoid that the word spread because the truth always will come up to the light, over the shadows of the ones want us silent.
The truth will make us free! as soon as we like... :)

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